Commissions & Residencies


London Metropolitan Archives

Artist in Residence

Streetlife London: From Chaucer to Banksy was a residency project themed around London’s rich heritage of street culture. It involved research & leading workshops, development sessions and giving seminars. Outcomes included a day conference, a showcase event, digital artworks and a book of poems titled Cries of London.


Fair Field

A commission from Penned in The Margins to create a performance piece called Glouton’s Feast as part of a major adaptation of Piers Ploughman. Written & performed by Nick Field, with a cast of six actors, a live band & original music, Glouton’s Feast explored food consumption & excess as a process of colonialism. Performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival and Shoreditch Town Hall.


City of London

Artist in Residence

A major heritage engagement project during which Nick Field was based as Artist in Residence at a number of schools across London. The residencies involved workshops and creative development sessions with students, themed around the work of Medieval scribes and poetry and the English language as a means of self-expression.


Spread The Word

Associate Writer

A year long residency with Spread The Word involving facilitating workshops, including a series of workshops for new writers in libraries across London for the City of Stories project, and mentoring of emerging writers.


Keats House

Artist in Residence

A residency at the Keats House museum, involving research, facilitating workshops and events, giving performances and creating new performance and text work.



Associate Artist

A year long residency involving creating and showing new work, facilitating workshops and contributing to the artistic community at Ovalhouse.