b. 1986, HK.


Nick Field is an artist who works across mediums of text, performance and image.

His work is characterised by a searing honesty, a drive to explore and question, and delight in the possibilities of creating. It is shot through with lyrical realism, a comedic eye for the absurd and an irrepressibly satiric ear. Nick’s work often plays with scale, the epic in the everyday and the personal relevance in the extraordinary. He is particularly interested in rituals of human connection, the socio-politics and histories of places and lived experiences, and the cultural body.

Nick’s work includes four solo shows which he has toured internationally, and performance pieces.

Current touring shows are Unicorn Party, and Paid Fantasist.

Nick has held a number of commissions and residencies, including projects as Artist in Residence with Keats House and London Metropolitan Archives.

He is an experienced workshop facilitator and arts educator, and in 2018 launched Pow!, a development scheme for young LGBTQ artists.

Nick is an Art Director, creating imagery for editorials, artists and shows, often with Field & McGlynn.

Music and sound design are key elements of his performance work, and he has released a recent collection of sound and music.