Unicorn Party

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The new show by Nick Field.

Have you noticed that unicorns are everywhere right now?

Unicorn Party journeys to explore the significance of this omnipresent cultural icon. From a symbol of purity into a hyped, but increasingly commodified emblem of contemporary self-expression, acceptance and queerness, we hunt the unicorn across centuries of civilisation.

Meanwhile, as unicorns grab our attention, the politics of the far-right sweeps across Europe and the world.

Either a reimagined, dystopian Britain, in which we have become a Unicorn totalitarian state, or a giant sugar trip; or both. Expect a surrealist riot of stories, songs, music, comedy, and copious sugar and glitter, to take a sneaky gawp at what happens when escapism becomes inescapable.

Nick says:

‘Unicorn Party is a solo I’ve been developing over the last few years, and been fortunate enough to work with fantastic people on. It’s an exploration of how facism can creep into our daily lives when we’re encouraged to look away. It looks at the spread of ideologies, the ramifications of our actions across centuries, and how escapism traps us. It features music, storytelling, comedy, visual poetry, rituals and spells. It’s also the first show I’ve fully scored, and I’m thrilled with the dimensions that has bought to the work.’

Written and performed by Nick Field

Dramaturgy: Billy Barrett

Outside Eye: Rachel Mars

Development Collaborator: Malik Nashad Sharpe

Development Collaborator: Ira Brand

Lighting Design: Alex Fernandes

Producer: Jo Mackie

Production photography: Alex Brennar

Sound design and music: Nick Field

Supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Harlow Playhouse, Stone Nest, Apples and Snakes, Spread The Word, Shoreditch Town Hall and The Garage, Norwich.

Funded by Arts Council, England