Unicorn Party

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The new show by Nick Field.

Unicorns, have you noticed they’re everywhere right now? As is the far right. Right?

This hilarious, rollicking, razor-sharp show asks what the simultaneous rise of these phenomenons tells us. Hunting the omnipresent one-horned icon across civilisations to explore how ideologies spread and our imaginations become capitalised, Nick Field envisions a dystopian Unicorn Fascist State Britain. When the unicorns take control, there’s only one thing to do – throw a party. That’s an order!

Unicorn Party is a very contemporary response to the crazy times we live in. Unexpected, thoughtful and at times gloriously bonkers, Unicorn Party is a riff of satirical comedy, power ballads, myth-making, and copious glitter, to take a sneaky gawp at what happens when escapism becomes inescapable.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Fascinating’, The Scotsman

‘Part dystopian satire, part self-disclosing performance lecture, Unicorn Party is an unapologetically raw solo piece from multidisciplinary artist Nick Field’ Exeunt

Written and performed by Nick Field

Director: Billy Barrett

Dramaturgy: Rachel Mars

Development Collaborator: Malik Nashad Sharpe

Development Collaborator: Ira Brand

Sound design and music: Nick Field

Lighting Design: Alex Fernandes

Development Producer: Jo Mackie

Production photography: Alex Brennar

Art Photography: Field & McGlynn

Supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Harlow Playhouse, Stone Nest, Apples and Snakes, Spread The Word, Shoreditch Town Hall and The Garage, Norwich.

Funded by Arts Council, England

If you are interested in booking the show, please click here for the tourpack