Paid Fantasist



The new collaboration between Nick Field and Rebecca Biscuit.

In 1978, at the height of his Doctor Who fame, Tom Baker wrote about a day in his life for The Times. What follows is a full-pelt twelve hours of extreme living across grotty, bohemian Soho, filled with supernatural encounters, drugs and booze, near-death experiences, automatic lovers and a disappointing barbershop trio.

In Paid Fantasist, Biscuit & Field take that day and use it to explore myths of Soho, and to ask what happens when Baker’s boho gangster paradise is scrubbed clean into a blandified themepark version of itself. Or is that just a myth too? We fuck with time to explore neoliberalism as a fresh hope in 1978, and a crumbling monolith to capitalism now.

Nick Field says:

‘The show takes a fabulous and outrageous article by Tom Baker about a day in his life, lived extravagantly large across Soho in 1978 as a starting point. From there it unpicks mythologies of place and self. It explores regeneration in various forms, and how neo-liberalism has shaped us all. We expand and reimagine elements of Bakers article to create legends of Soho. We sing, we dance, we perform a live art show within a show that one reviewer found repulsive and another found erotic.’

'With beautiful words, wit and weird acts, and the easy warmth of a double act that seems much more established than it is, Biscuit & Field made me consider the deeper soul-reaching effects of these changes. How we must protect what we are able to protect; and create new spaces and places for freedom, self expression and unbranded joy’ Total Theatre

'deliciously charming and with great chemistry, Biscuit & Field take us on the journey of a typical day in the life of Tom Baker in 1978 and his drink and drug-fuelled adventures in Soho...Light, bizarre and incredibly profound’ North West End

'The central metaphor of regeneration, that London has seen as many changes as the BBC’s beloved Doctor Who since Neo-Liberalism dominated British political ideology post Thatcher, is smart. It provides these artists with a mass of theatrical potential... It’s clear that Biscuit & Field have a glorious future together’ The Play’s The Thing

Funded by Arts Council, England. Supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Stone Nest, Battersea Arts Centre, The Anvil, Basingstoke